About this API

The use of most of the params of this API are offered as free service.

This API does not generate data on its own. It gets resources data from its official sources:


  • bpd: https://www.popularenlinea.com/
  • bnr: https://www.banreservas.com/
  • blh: https://www.blh.com.do/Inicio.aspx
  • bpr: https://www.progreso.com.do/
  • bsc: https://www.bsc.com.do/
  • bdi: https://www.bdi.com.do/
  • bpm: https://www.promerica.com.do/
  • bvm: https://www.bancovimenca.com/
  • bcd: https://www.bancentral.gov.do


  • https://micm.gob.do


  • https://dgii.gov.do

Banks rates are stored in a database so historical data can be requested.

Banks rates are updated every 4 hours, from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

Fuels prices are stored in a database so historical data can be requested.

Fuel prices are updated every saturday at 4:00am.

DGII rnc are stored in a database so it has independent availability from its source.

DGII rnc are updated every day at 12:00am.

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